A revolutionary way to diagnose gastroenteritis: a multidisciplinary approach using novel molecular detection methods.

Organisation : Medical Microbiology, RIE
Grant Amount : £ 39,023
Project Dates : October 2014 to October 2015

Our project aims to address five key research areas:

  1. To evaluate four molecular multi-pathogen tests to ascertain which would be most suitable for routine diagnosis in terms of performance, automation and cost.
  2. To compare the chosen method of molecular detection to traditional culture methods for the diagnosis of gastroenteritis as a routine screening method.
  3. To determine if this approach results in greater bed availability and hence improves patient flow within NHS Lothian.
  4. Design a robust diagnostic algorithm based around the most suitable molecular methods and key clinical findings.
  5. All the information from study will be utilised to form a robust business case to improve patient flow if the technology is suitable.