Small Grants

Small Grants for up to £5k are available to projects, lasting up to 6 months, that will directly benefit patients of NHS Lothian, whether in hospital wards and departments or in community health services. In exceptional circumstances, grants of up to £5k may be available.

Funding Restrictions

Please note the small grants programme cannot fund particular costs and these include research costs, salary costs, capital costs or services delivered which are considered core provision by either acute services or GP practices.

Although attending training courses can lead to patient benefits in the longer term, unless training is related to a specific project idea we cannot fund specific training courses through the Small Grants programme. Funding for training should be secured through other funding streams such as core training budgets or the NHS Lothian run Elsie Inglis awards scheme.

Applications on behalf of individuals (for example hardship grants) cannot be accepted. Retrospective requests for financial support (for example reimbursement of petty cash) will not be accepted.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be employees of NHS Lothian or those employed by GP practices contracted to NHS Lothian and if required, will have informed the applicable manager of their application prior to submission. If applying from a GP practice contracted to provide NHS Lothian services please select ‘General Medical Services’ as your legal status when completing the online application form.

Application Deadlines

Small Grants are awarded four times a year and the next few deadlines for applications are:

  • 1st February 2018 – decisions made late February 2018
  • 1st May 2018 – decisions made late May 2018
  • 1st August 2018 – decisions made late August 2018
  • 1st November 2018 – decisions made late November 2018
  • 1st February 2019- decisions made late February 2019

Submissions are accepted up to 23:59 on each date above.

Our normal way to keep in touch with staff about applications is generally via e-mail and sometimes on the phone but in the paper based application form you can state if you want us to send any correspondence via the internal mail.

Application Process

There will soon be two ways to apply for funding, through our online application system or by using the new paper based application form. Regardless of how you apply for funding applications need to provide details in three specific areas, applicant details, project details and project costs.

All applicants must have read and be willing to agree to the Terms and Conditions

Paper based form

We aim to send out the forms to appropriate contacts on NHS Lothian sites but if you can’t find a copy please e-mail us for some to be sent out. The application form is part of the booklet and can be detached from the booklet, sealed and returned to us in the internal mail.

At times may take us a while to receive forms through the internal mail and/or for any reason the form may go missing. Therefore as a back up before sending the form in the internal mail it may be worth scanning the completed form and e-mail that onto us so we know to expect an application from you in a particular funding round.

Online applications

Please see related documents for the structure of the online application form and how to ensure your application is submitted successfully. For the costing template you’ll need to download a costing template for completing and upload to the application form.

If your online application is successfully submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your application has been received.

Please note if you include any formatting in the project details provided the online form removes bullet points etc from text you enter so when providing assessors with your application to review, the Grant Manager will reinstate any visible formatting used such as bullet points etc.

If you are having problems accessing your application and need to reset your password please follow the instructions provided.

Assessment Process

Eligible applications are reviewed by a small assessment team using an assessment criteria who will consider how the project meets the Health Foundation’s strategic aims and in particular the level of patient benefit.

We will specifically look for details on the following

  • How it contributes to our strategic aims
  • Why your project is needed
  • How it will be monitored and its success evaluated at the end of the project
  • How the resulting benefits will be sustained, ongoing costs met and any information or skills learnt will be disseminated
  • How the project will address equality, diversity and health inequalities including the specific health inequality or inequalities being addressed

Applications which are incomplete or which do not provide a cost breakdown cannot be assessed for funding.

Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with details of how their application scored against the assessment criteria and any specific concerns raised by the assessment team.

2017 Patient Christmas Funding

Whilst we’re now in 2017, for those who request Patient Christmas funding please submit your applications around September or October 2017 to ensure we can get the funding to you in time for Christmas and New Year. For all Patient Christmas related funding applications we need the following info

  • Ward Number/Department
  • What the funding is for, in general depending on the ward/dept location this normally consists of gifts, food, decoration and tree but can include other items
  • No of patients receiving gifts
  • Cost per patient
  • Staff who will pick up the cash

Following the festive period all completed T&Cs forms, final reports, receipts and unspent cash need to be returned to the respective cashier by 31st January 2018.

Grant Award

Projects must start within one month of the date on the award letter, only one grant per applicant can be supported at any time however applicants may apply again to the next quarterly round if already in receipt of a grant. Funding will be paid directly to the specified NHS Lothian cost centre only on receipt of signed Terms and Conditions and grantees are required to submit a final report at the end of their project funding. The final report template (MS Word version) will be supplied by the Grant Manager once all relevant grant paperwork has been finalised.

If awarded charitable funding, HMRC allow some items to be purchased without paying VAT so please discuss this further with NHS Lothian’s Procurement team to see if this applies to any of the resources you require for which funding is awarded.