RIE and Simpsons Strategic Funding

The Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation has £500,000 available to all RIE and Simpsons based staff during the 2019/20 financial year however please note this is non-recurring funding stream.

Applications will be accepted for projects costing between £5,000 and £50,000 by RIE and Simpsons based staff only but projects should demonstrate positive impact at the RIE / Simpsons site. Projects can last up to 2 years maximum and all relevant project costs (including salary costs) will be considered.

Essential dates to know

Applications should be submitted during the June to September 2019 period and all applications submitted by 30th September (midnight) will be considered for funding.

Applications will be assessed in October 2019 based on an agreed assessment criteria and this will look for applications which address the following criteria

  • clear project benefits
  • clearly defined need to deliver the project
  • reasonable project costs based on the nature of the project
  • strong link to one or more of the charities funding priorities
  • clear plan on how to evaluate the project success
  • consideration of how the evaluation feedback will lead to project sustainability in terms of continued patient benefits and if appropriate continuation funding

For any applications which need the support of departments like e-health, Infection Control, Medical Physics etc we will expect applicants to have discussed their ideas with applicable related departments.

Submitting Applications

Applications can be submitted through the online application form and will be assessed using a specific criteria through which assessors will provide applications with a score between 1 and 5 for each of the stated criteria. The collated scores will be used to generate a single overall score for an application.

Please note however this funding is not open for R&D applications and if you are interested in R&D funding, please contact us direct (elhf@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk) for further advice about available financial support through existing endowment funds.

Sharing your application with co-applicants for review pre-submission

Unfortunately unlike other online applications forms, our own (for technical reasons) is not that user friendly for sharing applications. However by following the very specific instructions below you are able to share your application, prior to submission, with listed co-applicants for review / comment.

There are two ways to do this;

Option 1

Log on to the application form and for the responses to the questions in section B (as shown here https://elhf-grant-applications.org.uk/RIE_Strategic_Funding/ola1allq.pl) copy and paste the entered responses into an e-mail for sharing with co-applicants.

Option 2

On the Review Screen, choose File / Save As and choose file type ‘Webpage, complete (*.htm, *.html)’, amending the file name and leaving the Encoding as ‘Western European (ISO)’. Then choose Revise and Save and Exit.

This will allow you to send the file to co-applicants and the application form can be amended in light of any comments by going back to the log in screen for the online application form through our website and ‘Apply for a Grant’, choose the grant programme you’re applying for and log in under ‘Retrieve your Application’.

Timeline of Funding Decisions

Our Charitable Funds Committee (CFC) will decide at the November 2019 meeting which applications to recommend to the Trustees for funding. All applicants will be informed after the  CFC meeting if their applications has been recommended for funding. If not recommended appropriate feedback will be provided however if recommended for funding, this will be confirmed but not stating for how much funding.

For those recommended for funding, approval for project funding will be given by the Trustees at their December 2019 meeting and applicants can expect to be informed of the decision for their application mid to late December.