The Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation has today launched a new five-year grants strategy for 2017 – 2022, promoting healthier, longer lives for the people of Lothian.

Unfortunately the previously available annual grants programme is no longer in place but in part has been replaced by the new and exciting strategy below. If after reading the information below you are unsure how your idea fits with the new strategy, please contact our Grants Manager via email

The new five-year grants strategy will focus on three broad thematic priorities of: improving the patient and carer experience, supporting and developing NHS Lothian staff, and supporting “Healthier Communities”.

Trustees have agreed a five-year cycle running April 2017 to March 2023, of open-grant making annually focusing on (in terms of order):

East Lothian Community Hospital – strategy now approved and available
Older People Living Well – funding for the Jardine Clinic and rolling out Care Assurance Standards in community settings
the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Children and Young People
Healthier Communities

Specifically, trustees have agreed to develop three programmes of strategic significance: Arts in Health and Wellbeing (continuing its groundbreaking work), “Volunteering Well”, and “Gardening for Health”. Each of these will be underpinned by a five-year strategy, with specific outcomes.

The Foundation will more than double its Small Grants Programme, awarding £200,000 annually to projects that have a clear and direct benefit to NHS Lothian patients in both acute and community health services.

In addition the Foundation is rolling out a Hardship Grant scheme to support carers from across Scotland of patients being supported by NHS Lothian, who are suffering acute financial difficulty with funding for specific costs.

Trustees have also agreed to continue to support both the Elsie Inglis Development Awards and Celebrating Success, which support the education and development of NHS staff.

For further information please contact our Grants Manager via email