Questions from Donors

How much do you raise each year?

How do I donate directly to the staff?

How do I know that the money I donate will be used as intended?

Can I set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order to make a regular donation to a specific fund?

Do you have a printable Gift Aid form?

Do you have printable sponsorship forms?

How do you collect, use and store data received?

What is your policy on Freedom of Information requests?

Questions from Fund Stewards

Can I use Specific Funds to give staff a Christmas party?

Why does some expenditure from Specific Funds require approval by a committee?

Questions from Grant Seekers

What do you fund?

What grant programmes can I apply to?

Are there submission deadlines for applications?

What are the key areas of the application form to focus on?

Who do I contact for more information or if I wish to discuss my proposal?

Can I submit my application by post?

When do I find out if I have been awarded a grant?

My grant request has been turned down. How do I receive feedback on my application?

Where can I find examples of projects that have received funding?